1. Tamasha

TAMASHA (Words & Music:Glenn Evans)
Recorded by Tamasha Grin, 2015
Mixed & mastered by Steve Booth

Glenn Evans : Drums, Vocals
Steve Booth : Guitar
Warwick James : Bass


On Saturday I opened up my mind
To see if there was anything to find
Couldn't see if I was cruel or kind
Sunday came and found me once again
Tinkering around inside my brain
Locked my head and wrapped it with a chain

You never know what's buried inside you
Truth is false and all the lies are true
If your conscience stretches to the stars
You'll still be locked in tight behind your bars

Chapman's bullets whistled through the night
Sirhan gave the democrats a fright
James Earl Ray believed that he was right
People fill the populace with dread
Actions started in a deranged head
And always someone innocent is dead

All I want to do is get some water on my skin
Open up my eyes and let some honesty seep in
Nothing given always gives you nothing in return
And even true believers have to learn

Don't destroy the channels if they're torn
Ideas broken soon will be reborn
Even when your innocence is shorn
Tamasha moves, tamasha rules the night
Tamasha knows, tamasha laws are right
Tamasha has the quality of flight