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From covers and tours in New Zealand, to the excitement and energy of punk in England, to blues and rock in Australia.

Below, a selection of songs from the 1970s to the 1990s and beyond  - 'The Preacher' is from 2016, 'Pitched Back With Venom', 'Tamasha', 'She Never Speaks' and 'Seven O'Clock' are solo recordings from 1998. 'Brixton Lives' , recorded by the Reds at the BBC, 1979.  'Mr Jones' , by the Lost Lovers, recorded at the Lodge, Hertfordshire, 1982. Scrimshaw tracks from the 'Mavis & Roy' album, 1997. 'Still Got You', recorded at Graeme Thomas' Preston Studios, 1992, and 'What's Wrong With The World' recorded at Vinyl Solution, 1994.

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